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Pity The Living: Does Barry Manilow Know You Raid His Wardrobe P/E/M/Ma

To Begin Anew: Momentum EP P/E/M/Ma

Pity The Living: Dear Roberta Sparrow: P/E/M/Ma

With Clarity: My Worst Demons P/E/M/Ma

2Digh4: Dang Bro

Lunchbox Hero: Sunflower Girl M/Ma

With Clarity The Foundations of Decay: P/E/M/Ma

Get Back: Dead and Gone Ma

2Digh4: Dang Bro P/E/M/Ma

With Clarity: Some Kind of Animal P/E/M/Ma

Get Back: Withdrawls Ma

Defile The Crown: The Raven M/Ma

With Clarity: Masochist P/E/M/Ma

With Clarity: Oxygen (Pacific Ridge Records) P/E/M/Ma

Come Clean: Dressed To Kill (Pacific Ridge Records) P/E/M/Ma

Logan's Circle: The Story So Far (Pacific Ridge Records) P/E/M/Ma

Water Culture: So Far Gone (Featuring Madeline Edwards): E (Madeline Voc)

Kailey Brei and Gene Smilek: Won't Take Back You P/E/M/Ma

With Clarity: Fall (Live from the control room): P/E/M/Ma

Defile The Crown: Valentine My Killswitch E/M/Ma 

Melanie Schulz & Adam Young: Remember That Night (Live) P/E/M/Ma/Filming

Adam Young: Death of a Bachelor (Live Cover) E/M/Ma/Filming

With Clarity: Burning Me Out P/E/M/Ma

With Clarity: Fall P/E/M/Ma

Lunchbox Hero: 90's Kid M/Ma

Lunchbox Hero: Phoenix M/Ma

Defile The Crown: Unknown Entity M/Ma

With Clarity: Stronger P/E/M/Ma

With Clarity: Rise (EP) P/E/M/Ma

Gabriel Marcos: A Dormir M/Ma

Glow: New Years Eve (Pacific Ridge Record) P/E/M/Ma

With Clarity: Yellow Angels (Pacific Ridge Records) P/E/M/Ma

Sons of Sam:  Left Behind P/E/M/Ma

Sons Of Sam: The End of Heartache P/E/M/Ma

Sons Of Sam: Single P/E/M/Ma

Sons Of Sam: My Curse (Cover) P/E/M/Ma

Chris Kmak: Single P/E/M/Ma

Mitch McCall: Single P/E/M/Ma

Atlantic Lungs: Grape and These Apples Singles P/E/M/Ma

Nowhere’s Home: EP Co E

Come Clean: From Down The Street (Standby Records) Co P/E/M

Drop The Girl: Jordan Peele Presents (Single) P/E/M/Ma

Lunch Box Hero: Silver Linings EP M/Ma

Propersleep: Preproduction sessions (Cardigan Records) P/E/M/Ma

Chris Kmak: Breathing P/E/M/Ma

With Clarity EP: P/E/M

Living Well Balanced Radio: E/M/Ma

Living Well Balanced Video: E/M/Ma

Yay! Local TV Commercial: M/Ma

John Kennedy: Sweet Child ‘O Mine (Acoustic Cover) P/E/M/Ma

Nowhere’s Home: In God We Trust EP P/E/M/Ma

Chris Kmak: Cold Beds and Long Drives P/E/M/Ma

See Surrender Acoustic EP P/E/M/Ma

Sons of Sam: Through Darkness Rise P/E/M/Ma

The Past Six Years:  EP Co P/Co E

Love Actually EP P/E/M/Ma

Paper Dolls: Divine P/E/M/Ma

Paper Dolls: Paper Dolls  P/E/M/Ma

The Past Six Years: Off My Mind (Live) P/E/M/Ma

A City Apart: Live at The Lodge E/M/Ma

The Past Six Years: Songs of Love and Heartache P/E

Among The Divided: Living In Sin P/E/M/Ma

Among The Divided: Rotten To The Core: P/E/M/Ma

Shattered On Saturday: Self Titled Co P

Becky Isbell: Single P/E/M/Ma

Shattered On Saturday: Descent Into Madness P/E/M/Ma

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