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I got my start as a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist in bands, but I was always obsessed with what made a great sounding record. From the production and performance aspects to the technical side and how to achieve the tones found on my favorite records, I wanted to be the no one ever was. After a decade of honing my skills and knowledge playing in bands I started Clarity Audio Productions to bring the skills I acquired to others. I know that a great final product is all about capturing the energy and emotion of a song. I care deeply about each project that I take on and do not take lightly that you are trusting me as a partner in bringing your vision to life.



This is a broad category  could be a more hands on approach where Blake helps optimize your songs and performances, or it could mean letting you call the shots while Blake captures great tones. Clarity Audio Productions is equipped with a great selection of gear and is designed to keep artists comfortable and creative.


The art of a great mix is a life long pursuit for most audio professionals. Blake has spent years honing his skills and collecting tools to craft larger than life mixes. Regardless of if you tracked your project at Clarity Audio Productions or elsewhere, Blake will turn your raw tracks into a professional mix you'll love and sound great next to your favorite artists on a playlist.

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